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Make it work


Here is the good news. UCI Professor Mizko Ito's research team found that – contrary to current thought – adolescents develop important life skills when using the Internet or gadgets such as iPods and cell phones to play games, socialize with friends or search for information. Young people learn social norms, explore interests, hone technical abilities and experiment with self-expression. And teens have embraced the digital world, Ito says, because it facilitates self-directed learning and independence. 


Put Cyber Ink to work for you. You can add activities that employers would want to see like photos doing volunteer work instead of last Friday night’s party. Consider joining professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, linking to organizations and information sites that reflect your professional aspirations and community service commitments.


Remember a text message can be forwarded, posted, tweeted and morphed in real time to the whole world. 


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