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Replay of Web-Streams
Replay of the "Public Talk" and "Youth Dialogue" web-streams are now available. To view the streams, please click on the respective play buttons.
(RealOne Player is needed to see the stream. If you do not have RealOne Player, click here to download it now.)

Link to Webstream Public Talk Link to Webstream Youth Dialogue

This program is also available online at Link to UCTV (, in addition to their other streaming video programs.

Continue the Dialogue Blog

The Dalai Lama Foundation will carry the dialogue that began at the youth gathering forward through blogging. Over 5,000 students attended the morning dialogue and recieved a UCI/Dalai Lama Foundation mouse pad reminding them to log on at to continue the discussion. 

We encourage you to visit the site to engage in the conversation and share ideas in this cyber community.

Youth Curriculum Guide for Educators
The University of California, Irvine’s Global Connect @ UCI undergraduate interns and graduate student participants created a curriculum of workshop options to introduce The Dalai Lama to students in grades 8 – 11. It is designed to introduce His Holiness to students who have no previous knowledge concerning the history, leadership, culture and spiritual orientation of The Dalai Lama. A copy of the curriculum may be downloaded here: Global Connect @ UCI Curriculum. (The file requires Acrobat Reader to view and print.)