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Difficult Dialogues II

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Foreword – Daniel Wehrenfenning

Map and Olive Tree Initiative 2008 Itinerary

From the Journey to the Journey – Daniel Wehrenfennig

In Jerusalem – Manuel N. Gómez


To learn from the Olive Tree – Guido Baltes

Praying in Masjid Al-Aqsa – Sameera Ali

Playground – Alexandre Schmitt

A Day in the Land of Diversity – Moran Cohen

Sinuous Path to Peace – Paul Maguire

My Journey East – Sally Mouakkad

Back in Lebanon – Dana Ballout

My Olive Tree Initiative – Tzvi Raviv

Hebron Checkpoint – Alexandre Schmitt

Resolution – Sepi Termechi

The Trickle-Up Effect – Shahrooz Shahandeh

Dialogues – Olive Tree Travelers

Buzzword – Omar Bustami

This is My Story – Amanda Naoufal

The Concept of Respect – Amanda Naoufal

Crossing Lines – Alexandre Schmitt

The True Barrier to Peace – Isaac Yerushalmi

Thinking Anew – Ali Malik

A Human Perpective – Evonne Liew

The Side I Stand On – Kate Keith

Daily Interactions – Alexandre Schmitt


Change Is an Issue of Heart and Mind – Paula Garb

Reflections on the Holy Land – Manuel N. Gómez

A Message from the Region to the World – Shannon Shibata


Bringing It Home: The Travelers' Roundtable

The Travelers

A Symphony of Solos – Daniel Whrenfennig


Afterword – Daniel Wehrenfennig

Detailed Itinerary


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FALL 2008 - VOLUME 5

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Foreword – Manuel N. Gómez

Artist's Statement – Shiela Pree Bright

Imagining the Future: Cultivating Civility in a Field of Discontent – Manuel N. Gómez

Jewish Student Leaders Speak Out – Michelle Eshaghian

Emotive Ethnic and Political Issues in Teaching and Research:

An Exploration in Four Parts – Scott A. Bollens

What Part of ‘No’ Don’t You Understand?

Free Speech and the Democratic State – Robin Harders

Program Report: Islam and Judaism, The Challenge of Moving Beyond Politics to

Positively Impact the Campus Community in the Outside World – SARAH

Challenging the Borders of Civic Engagement: Ethnic Studies and the Meaning of

Community Democracy – George Sanchez

The Power of a Humanist – Lisabeth Hass

Small Actions Reverberate – David Altman

UCI Difficult Dialogues Campus Coordinating Committee

Slected Reading: Academic Freedom and Freedom of Speech

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WINTER 2007 - VOLUME 4 with audio CD insert

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Letter from the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost – Michael R. Gottfredson

Foreword – Manuel N. Gómez

The Role of Israeli and Palestinian Civil Society in Peace Building: Excerpts for a Public

Forum – Hassassian and Kaufman

Inquiry, Respect and Dissent – Manuel N. Gómez

“The War Within: Dissent During Crisis” – Poster Design: Sylvia Irving; Artist:

Miriam Schaer

Dissent and Dialogue in a World at War – Gabrielle Schwab

Can Empathy Be Taught? – Hristen R Monroe

Questioning Ohio's Loyalty Requirement – Robert M. O'Neil

Program Report: The Summer Multicultural Leadership Institute – Anna K Gonzalez

SMLI Student Poetry – Rayan Fakhro

UCI Difficult Dialogues Campus Coordinating Committee

Selected Bibliography

Difficult Dialogues: National Programs

Difficult Dialogues: The Radio Interviews (audio CD)